Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling on social media and not seeing anything relevant from the accounts you follow? Your followers might feel the same way about your brand. We’re done settling for content that doesn’t convert. Here are four social media posts that make boring advertorial content a thing of the past.

1. Entertaining Short-Form Videos

To nurture your audience on social media, you must keep them entertained. Most people open a social media app to escape and enjoy mindless entertainment, so your business should meet them with that mindset.

Apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels are brimming with trending sound clips and thousands of videos of users’ takes on them. You can use these same sounds and adapt them to your niche. For example, one of our clients is a real estate broker in Western Colorado. A TikTok trend surfaced in which people were offering to share reasons to or not to do something, but the reasons never popped up on the screen because they didn’t exist. We made a video using the same trending sound about “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move To Western Colorado”. As the trend stipulates, there are none!

2. Educational Short-Form Videos

People don’t just want to learn anything; they want to learn how to solve a specific problem they’re experiencing. When you make educational videos about your products and services on social media, you cannot just tout all of the amazing things you offer. Rather, you must lead with a pain point, be open and vulnerable, and then offer a solution. While that solution should be tied to your products or services, it shouldn’t read like an advertisement.

3. Referenceable Slideshows

To show the algorithms that you’re making quality content, you should focus on creating content that people want to save, share, and reference again. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and now TikTok, allow users to post photo slideshows. A slideshow is an ideal way to break down different steps to achieve something, explore several ideas that connect a main point, or walk through a complicated process chronologically.

4. Commentary

As the name suggests, if you’re on social media, you should be social! Don’t just post, close the app, and move on to your next task. Instead, spend some time genuinely engaging with your audience and other content. On Instagram, you can share helpful posts to your story. On TikTok, you can Stitch helpful videos and add your perspective. The more you engage with your audience, the more they will engage back with you. Plus, this takes the burden off of you to have to create all of your content from scratch.

Find The Top Social Media Post Ideas For Your Niche

If you’re struggling to figure out what topics your business should leverage on social media, working with a content marketing agency, like Kreativ Alchemy, can help. For our social media clients, we like to develop a list of 20+ social media post ideas they can extrapolate into different formats like those discussed in this blog post. To learn more about our rates for social media strategy, email