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Creativity is boring. Think outside the box and be Kreativ instead. Your audience craves a cohesive journey to the endpoint from the moment they connect with your brand – sales, clients, signatures. That’s what Kreativ Alchemy delivers. We’re marketing strategists, communicators, and brand designers passionate about streamlining your ability to connect with your target audience in the digital age.

A Message From The Alchemists

After several years in corporate marketing, we got tired of running up the chain of command and wanted to make a bigger impact by working directly with business owners. In 2019, we launched Kreativ Alchemy as two idea people with a mission to use our skills to help other idea people springboard their business visions. We are multifaceted brand designers and entrepreneurs with ventures in marketing, publishing, real estate, video production, music, and fashion design. Our passion and innovation paved the way for Kreativ Alchemy’s success, and we strive to help other businesses achieve the same.

Kayla Klein, Marketing Director​

Kayla, the driving force behind Kreativ Alchemy, brings a wealth of experience and a relentless drive to brand development and marketing initiatives. With over a decade of expertise in the field, she has honed her skills to stay ahead of trends and deliver modern, design-forward experiences to mainstream consumers.

As the CEO and head of marketing at Kreativ Alchemy, Kayla’s role extends far beyond the conventional. She collaborates with brands of all sizes, applying her deep understanding of marketing trends to create bespoke brand concepts, functional content, and compelling assets. Her goal? To keep her clients ahead of the curve and positioned above the competition.

Kayla’s journey to entrepreneurship was paved with diverse experiences, including stints as a reporter, editor, public relations professional, and social media strategist. This rich tapestry of roles inspired her to break away from the corporate world and forge a different path by which she could more directly impact her clients.

Throughout her career, Kayla has specialized in real estate marketing, earning several national and local marketing awards for her brokerage, where she serves as the marketing director. The diverse marketing skills she’s garnered in real estate translate seamlessly to other industries, from creating functional content to the convergence of personal branding and business promotion.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Kayla thrives on the challenge of developing strategic solutions and streamlining processes. Her cross-disciplinary collaboration, leadership skills, and time management acumen have been sharpened through years of navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship.

As a writer by trade, Kayla revels in the art of uncovering the story behind each brand she encounters. Her knack for storytelling and strategic prowess has enabled her to unearth the unique narratives that help her clients connect with their audiences and achieve their business goals.

Kayla’s journey with Kreativ Alchemy is a testament to her unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and crafting experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. With Kayla at the helm, Kreativ Alchemy is not just a marketing agency – it’s a catalyst for transformative brand experiences.

Connor Foltyn-Smith, Art Director

Connor, the visionary behind Kreativ Alchemy’s artistic endeavors, brings creativity, technical expertise, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm to the forefront. With a background in graphic design and a passion for technology, Connor is the driving force behind the agency’s most captivating designs and productions.

As the art director at Kreativ Alchemy, Connor’s mastery of digital design software is second to none. His daily endeavors involve harnessing these skills to craft immersive animations, intuitive UI/UX designs for websites and applications, and dynamic 3D stagings for real estate photography, among other innovative applications.

Connor has traversed various industries throughout his career, including real estate, medical, product design, manufacturing, and film. His diverse experiences have enriched his creative perspective, offering Kreativ Alchemy’s clients a fresh and dynamic approach to branding and design.

Beyond design, Connor’s proficiency extends into diverse realms, including coding, artificial intelligence, software development, and electronics. He is passionate about leveraging technological trends to streamline processes and keep his clients at the forefront of their industries. Notably, he played a pivotal role in developing the Real Estate Robot AI program for Kreativ Alchemy’s real estate clients. Connor empowers his clients with technical prowess and strategic foresight in using technology to meet market demands.

Education lies at the heart of Connor’s approach to client relations, as he passionately imparts his knowledge to clients, guiding them through intricate technological processes with clarity and expertise. His ability to translate complex concepts into accessible terms underscores his commitment to empowering others in the digital realm.

With Connor leading the company’s and clients’ artistic direction, Kreativ Alchemy continues to push boundaries, creating visually stunning experiences that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. His unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence defines the agency’s ethos, making him an indispensable asset in the ever-evolving design and technology landscape.

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