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Your audience craves a cohesive journey to the endpoint from the moment they connect with your brand – sales, clients, signatures. That’s what Kreativ Alchemy delivers. We’re a small but mighty team of marketing strategists, communicators, and graphic designers passionate about branding continuity and helping our clients tell their stories in the digital age.

Our Team

Kreativ Alchemy’s founders, Kayla Klein and Connor Foltyn-Smith, launched Kreativ Alchemy in 2019 to help other business owners define their brand identities and target their buyer personas with consistent brand presentation. Kayla and Connor are multifaceted brand designers and entrepreneurs who have springboarded entrepreneurial ventures in marketing, publishing, real estate, video production, music, and fashion design. Their shared passion for storytelling and innovation paved the way for Kreativ Alchemy’s success and the ability to help other brands achieve the same.

Kayla Klein

Kayla is Kreativ Alchemy’s business strategy bulldog, leading brand development for her clients with the same tenacity. Kayla finds the creative element behind any brand to deliver a captivating message and position them ahead of the competition. After working as a reporter, editor, public relations professional, and social media strategist, she broke away from the corporate world to take charge of her own creativity. Within the first two years of running Kreativ Alchemy, she made a massive splash as one of the youngest marketing CEOs in her local markets.

Connor Foltyn-Smith

Creative Director
Connor leads Kreativ Alchemy’s artistic direction and is the artist behind our best designs and productions. A graphic designer by trade, Connor uses his coveted artistry and consumer psychology to enhance his client’s visual identities – from logos, to websites, to animations, and multimedia experiences. Having worked across industries from live production to medical manufacturing, he’s an expert in many mediums.

When you work with Kreativ Alchemy, your ideas become catalysts for conversions. Send us a message to get started.