From the Brains of Brand Designers

Being a marketing coach is often daunting because you must rely on the other party to interpret and implement your advice. If someone leaves a coaching conversation unsure how or why they should care about what you’ve shared, they won’t be successful, and, in turn, neither will you.

One of my business goals is to make a commitment to improving and understanding how to stay in touch with networking contacts. Below are my strategies for staying in touch, and I thought they could help you too.

Successful utilization of color theory in your branding strategy affects how well your content resonates with your audience on a conscious and subconscious level. While green may be your favorite color as a person, it might not convey the right message for your brand.

Brand guidelines help you maintain a consistent look and message no matter where your company ends up, how it grows, and who’s in charge of creating content. They detail every essential element of a modern brand, from the way it looks to the way it communicates.

To keep tabs on the amount of trust that exists in your business relationships and whether you're fulfilling The Platinum Rule, you can use the emotional bank account. Like a real bank account, the emotional bank account balance is the difference between deposits and withdrawals.

As a graphic design agency, our job is to get past a client’s idea of creating a pretty design and instead get to the root of what they want that pretty design to achieve. We’re artistic problem-solvers, executing creative solutions that make our clients look great on the surface and subconsciously to their target audiences.

You should keep an elevator pitch in your back pocket because you never know who you’re going to meet. Nobody wants to be that business owner who’s surprised by a networking opportunity and comes off totally unprepared!

Permission marketing puts to rest the marketing funnel that only focuses on conversions and instead proposes an alternate funnel that focuses on building the relationships that are grounds for those conversions.

But repeating those same self-critical, perfectionistic tendencies finally caught up with me last year. After so many years of pushing myself to be the best and never stopping at good enough, I experienced hardcore burnout for the first time in my life. I also found some tactics to conquer it, hence this blog.


Everyone has the capacity for a personal brand. When Kreativ Alchemy develops a brand identity for an entity, we think about that entity's characteristics and personality traits to determine how the brand will look and communicate. It's actually easier for you to identify those characteristics and personality traits within yourself.

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