In 2021, Kreativ Alchemy joined a BNI networking group called RiNo Referred in downtown Denver’s RiNo district. We wanted to use our skills as brand designers to maximize our investment in the referral networking group and encourage visitors to join. As such, we created a brand development strategy for RiNo Referred, designing a logo, brand identity, and accompanying assets to show visitors that we were a professional, strategic, cohesive group.

Treating RiNo Like a Business

Rather than treat RiNo Referred as a networking group filled with individuals, we wanted to treat it as a unit, a band of professionals united to achieve a common goal. Of course, that goal was to attract new visitors to join the group and grow everyone’s referral network. As we would for any client that needed to refine and polish business goals and identity, we embarked on a brand development strategy for RiNo Referred, complete with a responsive logo, brand guidelines, business cards, social media assets, and a slide deck for weekly meetings.

Themed Marketing Campaign For Lead Gen Event

When BNI announced that RiNo Referred would host a visitor’s day event, Kreativ Alchemy saw an opportunity to leverage our new brand development strategy and develop a marketing campaign that incentivized leads. We figured that everyone would love a hot cup of coffee during the morning meeting. Using the RiNo Referred logo, we created a mock brand called Rhiney’s Roasters, which we plastered across marketing materials to promote the visitor’s day event. We even had stickers printed to decorate the cups of coffee we served to visitors that morning.