Website and Brand Development for Olympic Weightlifting Coach


WuLift provides online Olympic weightlifting courses, programming, and consulting for athletes and coaches. Founder Aileen Wu established a large following on Instagram for her weightlifting technique analysis videos. To help her monetize her following, Kreativ Alchemy modernized the WuLift brand and created a user-friendly, search-engine-optimized website with an integrated learning management system (LMS). Now, Aileen can drive traffic from her Instagram to her online programs to capture leads and generate income.

Starting With Brand Development

When WuLift approached Kreativ Alchemy, she wanted to jump into advertising, but we suggested developing a solid brand to advertise first. WuLift’s rapid growth on social media meant branding had fallen by the wayside. We knew that her eventual advertising strategy would be much more successful if she could establish brand recognition and have a consistent presence from ad to social media to website.

We started at square one with brand development and fleshed out the WuLift identity. We designed a responsive logo, defined brand fonts and colors, wrote a mission statement, explored target audience personas, brand strengths, and more. We conveniently summarized the brand identity in a brand guidelines document that can live with WuLift for the rest of its life.

Functional Website Development

Once the WuLift brand had a strong foundation, we applied the same design styles to the website. We re-wrote and reworked the website content to make it easier for potential customers to find and navigate. We started by conducting keyword research to learn what people were searching for concerning Olympic weightlifting training. Then, we wrote six pages of website copy, integrating those high-volume keywords as often as possible for maximum SEO impact.

In addition to SEO, we evaluated the website layout to optimize the user experience. We wanted users to be able to purchase a membership within three clicks of any web page. We ordered content blocks to move users toward a desired action.

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Finally, we needed to give users something to purchase. WuLift had a bunch of pre-recorded video content, so we built an LMS, or learning management system, to host the content and allow users who purchased it to navigate and unlock content chronologically. We developed the LMS on a sub-domain to prevent interference with the main website loading speed or global styles.

Now that the project is complete, WuLift can confidently promote and advertise courses for sale on social media, taking users on a cohesive journey from brand introduction to brand loyalty. Users who land on the website can easily understand what the brand stands for, why they should purchase training or a course membership, and purchase products without leaving the website. Existing customers can log into their accounts and pick up where they left off in their course content.