Behind the Brand Designers - Client Case Studies

As multi-faceted brand designers and marketers, Kreativ Alchemy encounters all kinds of graphic design, social media, SEO copywriting, and custom web design inquiries. Through fulfilling these asks, we’ve gained invaluable skills, familiarized ourselves with industry-leading marketing software, developed apps to automate marketing processes, designed courses on learning management systems, and even won national marketing awards. Below is a deep dive into some of Kreativ Alchemy’s most unique projects as brand designers.

Comprehensive Real Estate Brand Development

Colorado Country Broker is a personal real estate brand for Robert Gash, a broker in Western Colorado. After managing his personal brand for several years while working under a different brokerage, in April 2020, Robert purchased his own United Country brokerage, Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. He retained Kreativ Alchemy to develop a brand strategy to differentiate his personal brand and his brokerage and leverage either brand to drive traffic to the other.

Kreativ Alchemy started with a complete rebrand for Colorado Country Broker. We designed a responsive logo, animated YouTube intro, and a custom website to display listings and blog posts.

We developed comprehensive brand guidelines to outline the unique and congruent communication between Colorado Country Broker and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, focusing on how they communicate with their target audiences and their missions within the Western Colorado real estate market.

We developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy that extended to both brands, concentrating on SEO copywriting, blogging, social media, and organic marketing to establish Robert as an influencer in the western lifestyle space and his brokerage as the capable choice for sellers in Western Colorado.

Currently, Kreativ Alchemy oversees the design and marketing strategies for Colorado Country Broker, and Kayla Klein is the marketing director for Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. We have designed and written hundreds of blog posts, social media posts, short-form social media videos, local press releases, national advertising campaigns, postcards, letters, flyers, a western lifestyle magazine, billboards, listing commercials, and a custom car wrap.

In March 2022, we were nationally acknowledged for our excellence in marketing and branding when Robert won the United Country Real Estate Genesis Award, a national recognition given to one of over 5,000 United Country real estate brokers every year.

Full-Stack Real Estate Web App and App Development

After working in the real estate marketing industry for several years, we recognized a market need for a solution to a common pain point: real estate professionals don’t want to spend time writing search-engine-optimized listing descriptions or blog posts. This realization inspired us to create Real Estate Robot, an AI SEO copywriting tool designed exclusively for real estate professionals. We developed a user-friendly and straightforward way to leverage user-input data and artificial intelligence to generate unique, descriptive, search-engine-optimized listing descriptions, blog posts, and social media copy. We have managed the entire creation of the Real Estate Robot brand, website, app development, and marketing from the ground up.

Social Media Strategy and Graphic Design

Social media demands attention on every platform from every angle… attention that most business owners would rather give their company. Kreativ Alchemy develops comprehensive social media strategies that reduce the time and mental energy required to create well-designed content and post consistently on every channel. 

Upon meeting with a client to understand their social media goals, we develop a comprehensive social media strategy, content calendar, and branded drag-and-drop templates for every post and platform. Clients can reference these assets to understand: what they need to post; when, where, and why they need to post it; who they’re trying to reach; and what hashtags and keywords they need to use for optimal visibility. Branded social media templates make it easy for anyone in-house or on our team to create professional graphics in mere seconds. We’ve created and managed social media strategies for our clients on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Compelling SEO Copywriting

Kreativ Alchemy believes that SEO is the cornerstone of a successful brand. SEO is how potential customers/clients discover you, what your social media posts drive traffic back to, and an organic strategy that supersedes any paid advertising campaign. SEO ensures that your target customer/client finds your website when they’re already at the tip of the sales funnel.

We develop and execute on-page SEO copywriting strategies for our clients that place their websites on the first page of search results for the most critical keywords and phrases.

E-Commerce and Custom Web Design

What if your website could capture leads, enable shopping and checkout, display course content, or have customizable products? Kreativ Alchemy has worked with clients across diverse industries to develop functional websites with unique capabilities. Notable custom web design clients include:

As brand designers, we’re invigorated by projects of all kinds. See how we can make your ideas a reality.