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Importance of SEO Copywriting in Real Estate Marketing

Robert Gash, the founder of Colorado Country Broker LLC and owner of United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, has worked with Kreativ Alchemy since 2020 to develop and execute his real estate marketing strategy. SEO copywriting has played a huge role in our overall strategy and success. We’ve written weekly blog posts, created custom landing pages, and consistently updated both websites with content that has them ranking for more than 500 high-volume keywords.

Creating Saveable and Shareable Content on Social Media

Creating saveable and shareable content on social media is a modern pillar of establishing an online presence. Shareable and saveable content helps you reach a wider audience, provides value, and tells social media algorithms to keep it at the top of people’s feeds. Think about the kind of posts you save and share. They are probably helpful and instructional or funny and entertaining.

4 Types of Social Media Posts To Make in 2023

Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling on social media and not seeing anything relevant from the accounts you follow? Your followers might feel the same way about your brand. In 2023, we’re done settling for content that doesn’t convert. Here are four social media post ideas that make boring advertorial posts a thing of the past.