IFSLeaseWorks is a renowned application that supports lease and loan transactions. In a highly competitive industry, IFSLeaseWorks constantly seeks to stay relevant and promote its advancing technology to potential clients. The company approached Kreativ Alchemy to spearhead a comprehensive corporate brand development initiative and create an omnichannel campaign to showcase its new Salesforce integration.

Corporate Brand Positioning and Messaging Strategy

To highlight the comprehensive capabilities of the IFSLeaseWorks platform, Kreativ Alchemy developed a strategic brand positioning and messaging strategy. We proposed the compelling campaign tagline, “Scale Without Limits, Service Without Compromise,” which communicated the platform’s ability to help businesses scale seamlessly without compromising personalized service.

In line with this positioning, we presented various design directions that visually reinforced the idea of IFSLeaseWorks delivering the technology to enable business growth while maintaining a personalized touch.

Integrated Corporate Brand Development Implementation

Once the client approved the preferred design direction, Kreativ Alchemy executed an integrated corporate brand development campaign with implementation across multiple channels.

On the web development front, we updated the client’s website with a visually striking hero graphic that allowed users to interact with and explore specific elements. We also refreshed various sub-pages to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience throughout the website.

For the graphic design component, we created several print and banner ad iterations, tailored for publication in international and national magazines, email campaigns, and targeted website placements.

Campaign Tracking and Ongoing Marketing Support

For campaign monitoring, Kreativ Alchemy set up a custom report in Google Analytics, providing IFSLeaseWorks with trackable UTMs to analyze click-through rates across different mediums and advertisements. This data-driven approach allowed for strategic messaging adjustments based on real-time performance insights.

In addition to the corporate brand development project, Kreativ Alchemy has provided ongoing web development, graphic design, and marketing support to IFSLeaseWorks. Our comprehensive services have included creating press releases, such as announcing their successful completion of the SOC Type 2 Audit of Operation, further strengthening their corporate brand presence and industry credibility.