Creating saveable and shareable content on social media is a modern pillar of establishing an online presence. Shareable and saveable social media content helps you reach a wider audience, provides value to your followers, and tells algorithms to keep it at the top of people’s feeds.

Where To Get Social Media Content

Think about the kind of posts you save and share. They are probably helpful and instructional or funny and entertaining. You must consider how you can create posts that match those descriptors and fall under the content pillars of your brand.

Social Media Content Purposes

To you, your brand is the most important thing, so everything you post on social media is going to feel valuable. Unfortunately, other people don’t feel that way. They don’t have an emotional attachment to your brand, so you have to give them a better reason to interact with your posts. Some ideas include:

  • Providing them with content they can reference later, like steps of a process, ingredients of a recipe, or resources to achieve something.
  • Posing a question and encouraging discussion in the comments section.
  • Creating a relatable or funny storyline about your industry that viewers want to share with other industry friends.

Examples of Saveable and Shareable Content

Let’s explore some examples of saveable and shareable social media content we’ve advised our clients to create.

Real Estate Broker

  • Good: A graphic explaining who is responsible for what closing costs in a typical real estate transaction. People can save this and share it with their friends who are actively involved in the home-buying process.
  • Not as Good: A graphic that says you’re a real estate agent and pushes people to contact you if they want to sell their home. People probably already know you’re in real estate if they’re following you.

Gin Maker

  • Good: A recipe card for a unique cocktail that incorporates your product. People can save this and reference it later.
  • Not a Good: A photo or graphic that highlights one of the flavor notes in your gin. Sure, it’s interesting, but people have no reason to save or share it.

Life Insurance Broker

  • Good: A video exploring how a young person can use a life insurance policy to grow their money tax-free. People can save this and share it with their friends because it’s unique and worthy information.
  • Not as Good: A video encouraging people to buy a life insurance policy. Nobody wants to buy something if they’re unsure how it benefits them.

Now You Know Where To Get Social Media Content

Creating engaging content on social media is a great way to build relationships with your followers, reach new customers, and grow your business. However, successful social media content nurtures the algorithms too. With the right strategy and understanding of your audience and algorithms, you can create engaging and successful content that grows your brand.