E-Commerce Website Development For Denver Print Shop

Access Printing
2022 - 2023

Access Printing, a family-owned print shop in the Denver area, wanted to downscale its staff and upscale its orders. When they initially contacted Kreativ Alchemy, they were taking orders over the phone, receiving designs via email, and only accepting work during business hours. To modernize the company, Kreativ Alchemy integrated business process automation into a custom e-commerce website that allows customers to place orders and customize designs without ever having to pick up the phone or send an email.

Complex E-Commerce Menu Design

Access Printing had an extensive and complex inventory with more than 4,000 possible product combinations that yield nearly 800 different prices. Using WooCommerce for products, Kreativ Alchemy found a way to accommodate all these product variants without overwhelming the user experience with too many options. We implemented conditional logic to walk users through product customization options and update the price accordingly.

Enabling Customization and Upload Capabilities

One of the primary goals of this website development project was business process automation, implementing a way for Access Printing to collect more orders with less human involvement. In addition to allowing users to select their product options, for select products, we added a customization option, allowing users to upload their designs directly to the website. Once customers complete the checkout process, their selections and designs are automatically sent to Access Printing for a quick project turnaround.