Financial Services Corporate Brand Development

2022 - 2023

IFSLeaseWorks is an application to support lease and loan transactions. Among fierce competition in a small industry, IFSLeaseWorks is constantly looking for ways to stay relevant and promote advancing technology to potential clients. The owners approached Kreativ Alchemy to create an omnichannel campaign to showcase their new Salesforce integration. The assets designed during this new brand development would live in print and digital advertisements and online.

Corporate Brand Development and Positioning

To illustrate the comprehensive capabilities of the IFSLeaseWorks platform, Kreativ Alchemy proposed the campaign tagline, “Build Your Business On Our Foundation.” We presented three different design directions that riffed off the idea that IFSLeaseWorks is the foundation upon which businesses can construct their systems.

Branding and Graphic Design Implementation

Once the client chose a preferred design direction, Kreativ Alchemy adapted the style across multiple mediums. The web development side of this project involved updating the client’s website with a responsive and interactive graphic that allows users to click through certain elements. We also updated sub-pages on the website with the same brick design to ensure continuity. On the graphic design side, we created several print and banner ad iterations to run in magazines, email blasts, and websites. 

Campaign Tracking and Marketing

For monitoring, Kreativ Alchemy set up a custom report in Google Analytics. We provided trackable UTMs to IFSLeaseWorks to analyze the clickthru rate across different mediums and ads and adjust messaging accordingly. In addition to ongoing web development and graphic design projects, Kreativ Alchemy has assisted with various marketing efforts, including this press release about their successful completion of the SOC Type 2 Audit of Operation.