BNI Rocky Mountain Elite is a referral networking group for Denver business professionals, which Kreativ Alchemy joined in 2023. The chapter was on a mission to expand its footprint and attract new visitors. The leadership team retained Kreativ Alchemy to streamline this goal through functional web development and workflow automation. We created a visually appealing, searchable, and functional website to find visitors, capture lead information, and maintain a professional image.

Professional Website Design with User-Focused Features

We designed a clean and easy-to-navigate website for members and potential visitors. It features top-level pages that allow users to learn about the group, sign up to visit a meeting, explore the application process, view current members, read insights from professionals, and get in touch with the leadership team.

Workflow Automation for Seamless Visitor Registration

A critical aspect of functional web development is simplifying processes to reduce the need for human intervention. Kreativ Alchemy implemented workflow automation technology to streamline the visitor registration process. Before this website, visitors had to complete a clunky process on the regional BNI website or rely on a group member to register them, often leading to oversights.

To automate this process, we created a dynamic visitor registration form on the website, allowing visitors to submit their information directly. If a visitor is invited by a current member, they select the member’s name from a dropdown menu. Once submitted, the member who invited them receives an email with the visitor’s information, prompting them to complete the registration in the networking organization’s portal. This automation ensures that visitor information is accurately captured, and group members receive credit for their invitees.

Restricted Content Access with User Authentication

Another aspect of this functional web development project involved implementing logic to display specific content to the public and exclusive content to group members only. We created functionality that allows existing and new group members to register for a website account and access members-only content.

When logged out, users see the standard website navigation. However, when a member is logged in, exclusive menu options appear in the footer, such as a resources page with information about local and global networking events, a place to pay chapter dues, and the ability to edit public-facing member account information.

Enhanced Searchability with SEO

To ensure BNI Rocky Mountain Elite ranks well in searches for networking groups in Denver, we conducted a keyword audit and developed a list of high-volume search terms relevant to that query. We then wrote search-engine-optimized website copy for every page, incorporating one of those search terms as the focus keyword. To monitor site traffic and adjust our keyword strategy, we integrated Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads.

Ongoing Member Engagement and Project Management Automation

In addition to the website development, we implemented strategies for ongoing member engagement and project management automation. We developed a blog strategy around Rocky Mountain Elite’s weekly presentations, creating optimized blog posts to be used as marketing tools.

Additionally, we set up a ClickUp dashboard with automated workflows to track and communicate about converting potential visitors into members efficiently. Within the first month of using ClickUp, Rocky Mountain Elite successfully converted three visitors into members, demonstrating the effectiveness of our functional web development and automation solutions.