Search engine optimization (SEO) involves boosting a website’s ranking in search results by publishing valuable content, writing with high-volume keywords, and developing a network of credible backlinks. While SEO is imperative for every business, it’s especially critical for real estate marketing because it ensures that properties for sale appear when buyers search for them.

Robert Gash, the founder of Colorado Country Broker LLC and owner of Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, has worked with Kreativ Alchemy since 2020 to develop and execute his real estate marketing strategy. SEO copywriting has played a huge role in our overall strategy and success. We’ve written weekly blog posts, created custom landing pages, and consistently updated both websites with content that has them ranking for more than 500 high-volume keywords. Below, we talked to Robert about how SEO copywriting has impacted his real estate business.

Why did you decide to put more emphasis on SEO copywriting in your real estate marketing strategy?

Robert Gash: I wanted my personal brand website, Colorado Country Broker, and my brokerage website, United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, to be the first ones to show up when buyers were searching for properties in my area. We work in a small region with lots of competition, but not many brokers have attempted to dominate the digital landscape. I saw an opportunity to deliver a more modern real estate marketing option to my sellers.

What are some of the things Kreativ Alchemy has done to improve your on-page SEO?

RG: Before anything else, Kreativ Alchemy conducted a keyword audit to identify high-volume keywords for all the property types I sell and the locations I serve. They updated my website copywriting with those terms and designed several property-type landing pages to increase the keyword instances on my website. Another way we’ve introduced those keywords is through blog post copywriting. Every month, I meet with Kreativ Alchemy to discuss my upcoming listings and identify what search terms I’d like my website to rank for. Kreativ Alchemy comes up with weekly blog posts that incorporate those keywords. Not only do the blog posts help solidify my website’s rankings in search results, but they also provide relevant, valuable content to my audience that I can share via email and social media.

I recently started using Real Estate Robot, the listing description generator that Kreativ Alchemy developed, and I’ve saved so much time. I can enter some information about a property for sale, hit “Generate,” and it gives me paragraphs of well-written, search-engine-optimized listing copy with headings and keywords. It saves me hours of time and research.

Since placing more weight on SEO copywriting, what benefits have you experienced in your real estate business?

RG: SEO copywriting is essential for helping me reach buyers and sellers. If I have a golf course home for sale, and potential buyers can easily find it on Google, that’s fantastic. Reaching those buyers is a big incentive for sellers too. A seller who’s considering listing their golf course home for sale will be much more likely to list it with me when I show them that my website is the first one potential buyers see. 

Pulling the Trigger on Real Estate Marketing

If you want to bring your real estate marketing strategy into the digital age, SEO copywriting is the first step you need to take. For one, a quality website is a cornerstone of your listing promotions, social media posts, and email newsletters. Second, SEO copywriting is an evergreen real estate marketing strategy that will continue driving relevant traffic to your website as long as the content remains, unlike an ad or billboard that has a built-in expiration date.

Start small and check out Real Estate Robot, our listing description generator. All you need to do is enter some information about your property for sale, and, at the touch of a button, Real Estate Robot delivers a search-engine-optimized listing description, a blog post, relevant social media hashtags, and social media content ideas. It’s an easy, affordable, proven way to start SEO copywriting without knowing a thing about SEO.