Colorado Country Broker is a personal real estate brand for Robert Gash, a lifestyle broker in Western Colorado. In addition to his personal brand, Robert owns Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, where he manages several other brokers. Kreativ Alchemy has worked closely with Robert and his company to develop and execute comprehensive real estate brand development strategies.

Brand Development for Colorado Country Broker’s Personal Brand

In August 2019, Robert retained Kreativ Alchemy for real estate brand development services to create a distinct brand identity for his personal brand, Colorado Country Broker. At the time, he worked under a managing broker and wanted a differentiated presence to showcase his unique services.

Through meticulous research and understanding of Robert’s brand goals, we developed a complete brand identity for Colorado Country Broker. This included a responsive logo, brand guidelines, and a strategic real estate brand development plan encompassing a search-engine-optimized blog, high-volume keywords, hashtags, and a social media strategy. These cohesive branding elements ensured consistent brand messaging across all print and digital platforms.

Innovative Brand Positioning Strategy for Personal and Corporate Brands

In April 2020, Robert purchased his own brokerage, Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. Kreativ Alchemy recognized the need for a strategic real estate brand development approach that would allow Robert’s personal brand and corporate brand to co-exist harmoniously, accentuating each other’s strengths rather than competing for audience attention.

Our team developed comprehensive brand guidelines that outlined a unique and congruent communication strategy between Colorado Country Broker and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. This innovative brand positioning strategy focused on how each brand communicates with its target audience and its distinct missions within the Western Colorado real estate market.

The real estate brand development strategy allowed each brand to capitalize on a specific niche within the regional market. This strategic positioning enabled Robert to leverage either brand for client acquisition, showcasing his personal brand’s ability to reach buyers and convincing sellers to retain his brokerage.

Ongoing Real Estate Brand Development Through SEO and Content Marketing

Kreativ Alchemy developed and continues to execute a detailed content marketing strategy that reinforces the real estate brand development efforts for both brands. Concentrating on SEO, blogging, social media, and organic marketing, we have established Robert as a thought leader in the Western lifestyle space and his brokerage as the capable choice for sellers in Western Colorado.

Through years of weekly, search-engine-optimized content updates, the websites currently rank in the top 10 search results for more than 500 high-volume keywords, further solidifying the brands’ positions in the market.

Real Estate Brand Development Through Consistent Design Assets

To support the real estate brand development strategies, Kreativ Alchemy consistently delivers design assets and marketing materials that reinforce each brand’s identity. From lifestyle magazines and press releases to social media posts, advertising campaigns, and print collateral, we ensure cohesive and impactful brand messaging across all touchpoints.

The knowledge acquired through executing these innovative real estate branding projects for Colorado Country Broker and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties has inspired some of Kreativ Alchemy’s most successful campaigns and the development of several real estate workflow automation tools.