Real Estate Robot Web Application Development

Real Estate Robot
2022 - Present

After working in the real estate marketing industry for several years, Kreativ Alchemy recognized a market need for a solution to a common pain point: real estate professionals don’t want to spend time writing search-engine-optimized listing descriptions, blog posts, social media captions, emails, letters, or any other kind of marketing copy. This realization inspired us to create Real Estate Robot, an AI copywriting tool for real estate professionals.

Branding and Web Development

Our first step was creating a brand that resonated with tech-savvy real estate professionals. We designed a robot icon to represent our AI integration and blue as our primary brand color because it eludes to wisdom and trust, and we want real estate professionals to trust our technology. We designed a responsive logo, SEO’d website, custom web application, email marketing templates, and business cards to capture and retain customers.

Web Application Development

Kreativ Alchemy spearheaded the front-end and back-end web application development for Real Estate Robot’s AI copywriting tool. We developed a functional application that allows users to save listing, region, and professional information to their accounts. Then, users can pull from that information using custom tools for writing listing descriptions, blog posts, social media captions, postcards, letters, emails, and more. Saved and user-input data is sent to AI using custom prompts, guaranteeing a unique, optimized output. 

Using Real Estate Robot, what used to take real estate professionals hours of time and years of knowledge acquisition now takes only minutes. Watch the demo video below to see Real Estate Robot in action.