Real Estate Team Brand Development and Workflow Automation

ReZion Real Estate Team
2021 - 2022

In 2021, Denver real estate agent Scott Jensen approached Kreativ Alchemy with his desire to move brokerages and grow a real estate team. He needed a name, brand identity, logo, and website design updates. Eventually, we worked with him to create branded social media templates and implement workflow automation technology onto his website for lead generation. Thus, the ReZion Real Estate Team was born. 

Real Estate Brand Development

Scott tasked Kreativ Alchemy to innovate his new brand identity from the ground up. He said he wanted the name to incorporate real estate and nod to the significance of his Christian values in how he approaches business. We presented hundreds of ideas, but ReZion was the clear winner, checking both boxes. To solidify its roots in real estate, we made the domain name and the tagline “ReZion us for all your real estate needs.” Once we landed on a name, Kreativ Alchemy designed a logo and basic brand sheet and updated Scott’s website accordingly.

Real Estate Social Media Templates and Strategy

Strong brand development is nothing without promotion. A few months after designing the ReZion logo, Scott approached Kreativ Alchemy again, looking for a way to streamline social media content creation in-house. 

After conducting a competitor and industry audit, we developed a comprehensive content strategy outlining his content pillars, post types, messaging, hashtags, and precisely what to share on each social media channel every day of the week. We also designed branded, drag-and-drop Canva templates for every post type. With this strategy and these templates, anyone on the ReZion team can design and share professional content.

In addition to the social media templates, Kreativ Alchemy has completed several other graphic design projects for ReZion, including pitch deck design, real estate sign design, car wrap design, and more.

Back-End Workflow Automation For Lead Generation

At the start of 2022, ReZion wanted to film a market update webinar for current and new audience members. Kreativ Alchemy saw an opportunity to turn the webinar into a lead generation funnel. We wrote, produced, and edited a 30-minute market update webinar, but instead of releasing it immediately, we developed a social media strategy to tease the webinar on social media and drive traffic to a lead generation landing page we set up on ReZion’s website. We set up a back-end workflow automation system that ported the user’s email address into ReZion’s CRM, tagged it appropriately, and emailed them an unlisted link to the webinar hosted on another landing page on ReZion’s website.