5 Signs It’s Time For Rebranding and a New Logo Design

Brands change, people change. C’est la vie. However, as your brand changes, it begs a critical question about your visual identity – How is your brand adapting?

Today, most customers find brands online or on social media. In the digital world, your brand’s visual identity drives how those customers perceive you. Once a customer doesn’t like or can’t relate to a brand aesthetically, they won’t bother to read more about how amazing you are. According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive.

As your services change and you want to modernize your brand’s look in the digital age, your logo and brand identity should change with it. Last year, Kreativ Alchemy went through a rebranding for both of these reasons. Let’s explore our logo redesign and brand identity changes to see if your brand is in the same position.

Why is Logo Design Important?

The quality of your logo subconsciously speaks to the quality of your brand, whether or not you feel that’s true of your services. Your logo is the first thing someone sees and, in most circumstances, the only differentiating mark of your brand.

When Connor and I started Kreativ Alchemy in 2019, our services spanned the entire digital marketing gamut – literally anything you can think of in the digital marketing space, we offered. At that time, we were targeting c-level executives at mid-large companies. Therefore, our original logo design was sleek, simple, and muted. 

However, as we grew and adapted to new markets, our services and target audience changed. We were working with startups and personal brands, scrappy small business owners. We’re scrappy small business owners too! But our old logo didn’t reflect that. We wanted to show potential clients, “Hey, we’re just like you. We’re cool, we’re trendy, and we’re on your level.”

So, we changed our logo design.

What is Rebranding?

Logo redesign is a start, but your logo is only a single part of your brand identity. Also, consider how you can reflect those same values everywhere your brand appears – website, social media, business cards, print flyers, merch, you name it.

According to a LucidPress study, consistent brand presentation results in 3 to 4 times more brand awareness and visibility. So, now we had to redesign our website.

We wanted Kreativ Alchemy to pop. We discovered that most people shop around between 3 and 5 agencies before deciding who to hire. Even if people don’t remember our name, they will remember that one “bright pink website.”

Should I Redesign My Logo?

If you’re already thinking about rebranding, this is probably your sign to hire a professional graphic designer and start! Because if you can find fault in your baby, your audience can see it too.

If you have more questions about logo redesign or rebranding, let’s set up a call to discuss your goals and concerns. Email info@kreativalchemy.com to inquire.