Website Brief

    Basic Information

    Below you will find questions to help us get a feel of what YOU want your YOUR website. We will ask all different types of questions to truly learn and understand how we can best serve you.

    Style & Design

    Your personal preferences are important but also consider which style is most appropriate for your goals, content, and your intended audience. Below you will see examples of the style of layout. Good design is an extension of the website planning process so that the UX (user experience) is engaging for your audience and the UI (user interface) optimizes traffic flow toward your conversion goals.

    Website Style



    These images capture your brand, your properties, or your likeness that you would want to be utilized on your site to represent your brand. If none such exist we can help search for compelling stock photography.


    Buttons help users to make decisions on your site. Do you have a preference?

    Home Page

    These elements should be based on funneling traffic to a particular webs page based on the website visitors' intent. If it doesn't provide value to a website visitor landing on your homepage, it's just a distraction and should be promoted elsewhere.

    Thank you so much for entrusting Kreativ Alchemy to create a website to truly represent you and your brand! Next step will be the kick-off meeting! Please bring your questions and excitement as we move this project along!