Business and marketing coaches come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties. Some people specialize in sales, some specialize in networking, and some specialize in business structuring and development. 

At Kreativ Alchemy, we fall under the umbrella of a branding or marketing coach. As we acquire more and more experience in the marketing space, we have recurring clients who want our expertise on a consultative basis. At the same time, someone on their team executes the strategies we develop and implements the advice we share.

Being a marketing coach is often daunting because you must rely on the other party to interpret and implement your advice. If someone leaves a coaching conversation unsure how or why they should care about what you’ve shared, they won’t be successful, and, in turn, neither will you.

When you’re trying to occupy a coaching role, you may ask yourself what is business coaching and mentoring or what does a marketing coach do? Coaching means working with someone collaboratively, not necessarily directing them. It requires working on mutual goals that benefit both the individual and the company. We motivate them to accomplish those goals through ongoing feedback and a supportive relationship.

Ask Yourself, “What Motivates People?”

An effective marketing coach understands what motivates their client and uses that information to help them set and achieve more relevant goals. A person may be inspired by:

  • Meaning – Feeling like what they do makes a difference.
  • Results – Seeing that what they do has tangible results.
  • Challenges – Understanding that what they do requires skills and talent.
  • Respect and Recognition – Feeling like their good work is acknowledged.
  • Control – Making decisions that affect their job.

Misconceptions About Being a Business or Marketing Coach

The biggest misconception about being a marketing or business coach is that someone who needs coaching also needs fixing. Good coaching isn’t intended to fix a behavior or tactic but rather to extrapolate and improve upon the strengths and things that a business or individual already does well. Usually, once people see improvements in areas they are already passionate about, success motivates them to strengthen weaker areas. 

Behaviors of a Great Business or Marketing Coach

Through hard work and shared successes, a marketing coach becomes an integral part of your business, not just a distant advisor. Coaches can work toward this role by:

  • Giving feedback effectively.
  • Supporting others’ frustrations.
  • Motivating people to grow.
  • Teaching others what they know vs. enjoying being in the know.
  • Communicating clearly.
  • Modeling behaviors expected of others.

How You Can Be a Better Coach Too

Whether it’s employees, clients, business partners, or networking colleagues, everyone coaches in some form or fashion. You may be coaching people on how to work best with you, educating them about your field of expertise, or helping them overcome obstacles.

No matter what your role as a coach is, remember that your most critical responsibility is giving people the freedom to solve their problems. Together, you can focus on tangible results. Then, it’s your job to understand their motivations and hold them accountable so they can reach their goals and you can share in their success.